Eid Gathering At Musallah

Under the Bridges of Astoria Park

Story Behind the Art: The artwork depicting the Eid gathering at Astoria Park twice a year. The Eid Prayers are held at Astoria Park, Queens, New York. The place where the Eid prayer is held is known as musallah. Muslims begin their  Eid day starting with Eid Salah meeting friends and family and praying together as one ummah. This art piece is inviting everyone to gather and pray together at the Musallah. 

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Moon Sighting

Story Behind The Artwork: A Mother and Son watching moon light under the bridges of Astoria Park, NY (Triboro bridge and Hellgate Bridge). Ramadan is a one of the sacred months for Muslims all around the world, it's a very important tradition to sight the moon to determine the marking of the month of Ramadan. As you can see in the art piece the mother and son eagerly waiting to sight the crescent moon where the mother is pointing up at the sky to her son, the glorious moon, which welcomes the month of Ramadan.  

I Love Astoria

My Little Home

Story Behind the Artwork: I grew up in Astoria, each icon depicts the things I love about Astoria. Astoria is a city, suburb, and an urban and all in one. There are so many things in Astoria for EVERYONE! Starting with Astoria Park, it is a great escape from busy life and its one of the famous park in Queens. Another one is Steinway street, known as Little Egypt, one of my favorite spot in Astoria, whether to eat Halal food or go for shopping, I always invite my friends to meet up at Steinway. Likewise, Ditmars, I live around Ditmars it's another great place to walk around to meet friends and family and also the last stop of the elevated station-N train.   Astoria has so many small shops and local food vendor where you can find Falafel, Kebab, Shawarma, Brick oven Pizza, Baklava, and etc. You can also find different types of Architect resident home from condos to apartment buildings and that's a beauty of Astoria to have multi cultural community from people around the world.. I remember my days spending in Steinway Queens Library (located in Ditmars) to print, to read books and involve little ones in the activities. As for entertaining, you have the Socrates Park, Galleries and Museum (Noguchi/ MoMi, and Theater (Kaufman).  There are so much more in Astoria to explore. 

Hijabi Community Volunteer

Story Behind The Art: This Hijabi girl in one hand holding the flyer 'Sharing is Caring' and other hand with handbag in a list of Community Resources, money and tools. The purpose of this art to share resources that you know to others those who does not know about it. Uplifting one another in a humble way. I created this piece to display as a profile picture for a whatsapp group called Community Resources and Jobs.  

Eat Mubarak

Story behind the design: Variety of food are displayed (Fried Chicken Tikka, Idiyapam, Roti, Gravy, and Tea and definitely Dates) it is inspired by South Indian Tamil food. Hence, Eat Mubarak, food are essential part of Eid festivity. Created this design as greetings card to share with friend and family and it's available on my ETSY. 

Eat Mubarak

Story behind the design: Feasting is one of the first thing comes to mind when celebrating Eid. Sharing food with friends, family, neighbors, or someone special in life is what is all about festivity! Especially during the second eid of the year, Eid Al Adha, sacrificial animal is slaughtered after the Eid prayer and distributed into three parts, first for family, second for neighbors, and third part is for poor. Once it has been distributed food is cooked from the meat.