Art Gallery: Featuring Muslim Women Artists

I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to display my artwork at the first-ever Muslim Art Gallery, which is featuring Muslim women artists. The event is taking place at the Malikah Center in Steinway, in partnership with NoorStudios. I feel truly honored to have been given this opportunity and I would like to share with you some glimpses of my artwork that are being showcased at the gallery.

"Bit of Me" It's one of my favorite paintings that I chose to create for this gallery. It is a representation of my personality, emotions, and experiences through art. (Size: 20"x16") - Check out the Story behind the artwork

 Available of Sale

The personalized prints, "I Love Astoria" and "I Love Manhattan," are particularly noteworthy for their ability to serve as souvenirs that encapsulate one's affection for these two locales. These prints are among my favorite items, which highlight the aspects that I cherish about Astoria and Manhattan. (Size: 11"x14" and 5"x7" prints )  Check out the Story behind the artwork

 Available of Sale

"Under the Bridges of Astoria Park: Moonsighting"

"Under the Bridge of Astoria Part: Eid Gathering At Musallah"

I selected both of these artworks specifically to be showcased at the gallery because of its relevance to the location of the Malikah Center, situated in Steinway, famously known as Little Egypt, Astoria. These masterpieces are more than just a visual delight; it has the power to evoke a sense of nostalgia and happiness among the community members who come to view it. It is worth noting that Astoria Park holds great significance for the community, as it is a gathering spot for Eid prayer during early morning hours. The artwork is a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of the community, and it is bound to resonate with people who have fond memories of their time at the park on the day of Eid. (Size: 11"x14" and 5"x7" prints )  Check out the Story behind the artwork

 Available of Sale

Henna Basic Workshop Level 1

My name is Sakila. I am a local Artist from Astoria from a South Indian background. I would love to tell my version of my story through Art. I love to make Art through various mediums through digital, print, paint, and also love to make henna cones and do henna on people. 

I very excited to have this Adults/kids friendly (ages 8+) workshop here in Astoria at Earth & Me. 

During this workshop you will:  

-All Materials will be provided (Henna to practice, Pattern Paper, pen or pencil to practice lines and pattern) 

Fee: Adult: Sliding Scale ($45-$65 each), Kids: Age 8+ ($10 each)

Also, organic Henna cones and additional patterns are available to purchase at the event.

Sign Up: Below using Google Form

Limited Seats ONLY (20 seats)